• April 3, 2020
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Stage: First line rehabilitation care

When Covid-19 patients can return home, it is important to guide these patients optimally during the recovery process.

The patient returns to the same environment but in a different body, with a different condition and with a different ability to concentrate. To support this, care is required from various parties such as a general practitioner, dietician, district nurse, occupational therapist and physiotherapist. (Source: NPI Knowledge in Motion).

Care can be offered remotely or through home therapy, but also with the physiotherapist in practice. A clear step-by-step plan for the patient to see where it is is important.

Step-by-step work on the recovery of both fitness, muscle strength and cognition can, for example, be done with:

  • Breathing training;
  • Training your condition from low resistance;
  • Build muscle strength in steps of 100 grams;
  • Gait training and 6 min walking test;
  • Strength measurements of muscle tests;
  • Cognitive motor training.

There are several options for using technology in this part of the recovery process. Tracking the recovery process can be supported by various software solutions that are as close as possible to what you already use. The well-known 'Excel lists' are prevented and the suitability for (later) research is guaranteed.