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Welcome to Covid-19 Rehab: the best Covid-19 rehabilitation by connection

The initiators of this website want to connect science, industry and healthcare , with the conviction that this will create the best rehabilitation for Covid-19 patients . After a severe course of the Covid-19 virus with survival as a result, recovery for the patient is difficult. A good rehabilitation offers the best starting points for the quality of life of patients. This way they can get the most out of their health, as close as possible to the old level before they got sick.

Increasing pressure on rehabilitation capacity

Worldwide, the ever-increasing amount of Covid-19 patients is consuming IC and healthcare capacity. In several countries, "flatten the curve" seems successful for the time being. In those countries there is a shift to rehabilitation capacity.

The recovery process and the importance of rehabilitation

Starting rehabilitation as early as possible is important for the recovery process. Exercise, building and maintaining muscle strength are important pillars for the recovery, independence and ultimately the quality of life. Monitoring the recovery process is very important. Our rehabilitation solutions can be used in the ICU, for respiratory treatment, occupational rehabilitation, etc.

Het herstelproces dat een Covid-19 patiënt doorloopt kan uit diverse stadia bestaan. Ieder stadium vraagt om revalidatie-oplossingen die aansluiten bij de herstelbehoefte in dat stadium.

Accelerate healthcare innovation by connecting science, healthcare and industry

The Covid-19 virus has put the world in a situation that demands innovative solutions. Also to support rehabilitation. All kinds of inventive solutions in the connection between science, industry and healthcare have been created at breakneck speed. Think of breathing modules, solutions for oxygen masks and the production of disinfectants.

There is also a lot of great things happening in the field of rehabilitation. A wonderful example is a collaboration between Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, ProCare and Lode for early activation of IC patients and monitoring the entire rehabilitation process through an app that unlocks the collected data for improving treatments and further research. Do you also have a nice example? We would like to get in touch with you. 

The COVID-19 Rehab website offers up-to-date information in one place through the exchange of professional knowledge. On this site you will find information about protocols , subject-specific publications about rehabilitation, solutions from the (medical) industry, webinars and scientific research . The exchange of knowledge focuses specifically on the 4 stages of recovery care: IC care, hospital care, rehabilitation care and 1 th line of rehabilitation care. Are you missing something on this site? Then indicate this! We continuously supplement the site with new developments.